Water Damage

Water Damage repairs can be very tricky and symptoms may show up sporadically. Therefore, the following must be noted for all water damage repairs:


Water damaged devices will be held for 24 hours in order to monitor the efficacy of the repair.


Water damage treatment may restore functions of the device, but results may be only temporary. With time, other issues could surface due to corrosion.



There is NO warranty on water damaged devices.



There will be a standard, nonrefundable service fee of $49.99 for water damaged repairs that must be paid up front, regardless of the ability to restore all functions of your device.

If additional parts, such as: charging ports, batteries, home buttons, flex cables, cameras, etc., need to be replaced, the price of the parts will be charged post-repair on top of the $49.99 that was paid up front.



Water damaged devices that are brought to us within one week of exposure are usually salvageable. We do not accept devices that are water damaged longer than 1 week.

We do not accept devices that were exposed to ocean water, motor oil, or carbonated sodas. 


Water damage repairs cannot be booked online. In order to schedule a water damage repair, you must contact us via email, phone, or text. The device needs to be assessed remotely to ensure that it meets the criteria mentioned above to qualify for water damage treatment. 

As always, we will do our best to restore your device to its original working condition! If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us!

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